• 26 Jun 2014
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My Music Consuming Culture

I love ThePirateBay. I respect the one who made torrent's file sharing and all the people who in the culture. I do regularly download music from file sharing. Especially the band that I never heard before or the musicians and bands that I'm interested in but still can't decided if I like them or not.

I do have an iTunes account. I never hesitate buying music from iTunes. Especially the musicians or bands that I know and need to be appreciated. Or at least I heard it, even though I don't know them, but if the music is so good, I'd buy it.

I have my favorite local music distro, where I always buy music or band's merchandise from them. I never hesitate to buy something from the band, only if they're good enough to be appreciated.

I never think twice to buy the ticket if some bands I like having a show or concert. I have unlimited budget for music concert.

The least thing I do to appreciate is, I write a blog post about the music that catch my ear on my reemix tumblog.

I rarely buy a CD. Why? Because this is 2014 and CD is considered useless as distribution media, especially after I buy it and transfer it to my iPod. Don't talk about the great feeling to hold the CD, looking and touching album's artwork while listening to the music, and all those romanticism bullcrap. Unless you make special packaging CD, that's different case. But even a special packaging CD really rare making me want to buy it. A regular CD with cheap plastic case? Errrrrghh.

Incase you didn't notice, now people listen to your music while browsing on your band's website, your wikipedia's page, your album review on some greatest blogs on the interwebz. That's people in 2014 usually do.

Moral of the story, for you new musicians and bands, don't be such a fucking crybaby if someone got your music from file sharing. Prove me that you're worth to be appreciated. Give one or two free music. Make a good music video. Make a good merchandise. Make a good concert. Make me look and hear you. Make a good music. If it's good, I'd buy anything from you. Anything. At any price.