• 24 Jun 2014
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Keren Tapi Gue Gak Ngerti

What’s this all about? I know it, I experience it, it’s around me, it’s close to me. But I struggle to understand it.

What’s this all about?

I keep hearing all the people in that video saying words like Engagement. Participating. Conversation. Story. Storytelling. Connect. Instantly. Response. Relevant. Real-Time. Cultural. Experience. Reaction. Listening.

What’s happened?

I watched the video twice. Yes, twice back and forth. At 3 AM. Anxiously trying to grasp it. I felt stupid by it.

Cracking something that you know it’s cool, it’s at your end sight, but you barely understand it, makes me remember the line that I heard few months back.

“Keren, tapi gue gak ngerti.”

*I watched the short video of this Twitter's #live thingy from Cannes session last week, that made me anxious. This long video made me even more anxious.