• 4 Apr 2015
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I don't wanna be a part of your parade

It's about 16 Personalities, which accurately categorized me into INTJ type of personality, my resignation at current office, my experiences so far and mix between all of them.

"INTJs have exceptionally high standards, and if they view a colleague or supervisor as incompetent or ineffective, respect will be lost instantly and permanently."

"...In this way, emotions are not INTJs' way of addressing a decision, but rather an indication that a decision needs to be addressed. INTJ personalities' Thinking (T) trait acts as a protective big brother to their Feeling (F) trait - seeing that something has upset the less able sibling, it steps in to take action, letting logic do the talking and resolving the condition rather than complaining about its consequences."

I would like to say, thank you all for gave me a great lesson. Now I know.

P.S: I usually never do and believe this personality test kind of thing, but damn, y'all should try 16 Personalities test. It's like reading your own mind.

P.P.S: Down below is a song that I attached in my resignation letter. This post title is one of the line in this song's lyric.