• 31 Jul 2014
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A Conversation.

The Heart: “Knock, knock..”
Me: “Who’s there?”
The Heart: “It’s me!”
Me: “Dude, please, I’m not in the mood on talking right now.”
The Heart: “I know, it’s been a while since you stop talking to me, now you want to stop talking again?”
Me: “What do you expect? Since you knock knock me just now, is there anything you want to propose? or else, shut the fuck up and let me alone for a while.”
The Heart: “You’re a bad liar.”
Me: “I know. Okay, you’ve got me. What do you want to know?”
The Heart: “Are you still willing to talk to me?”
Me: “Of course. Now can I ask you a question?”
The Heart: “Sure.”
Me: “Are you still willing to talk to me?”
The Heart: “I’m not sure.”
Me: “Hell?”
The Heart: “Joking. Of course I’m willing to talk to you.”
Me: “Ok, since you knock knock me, let me clear this one thing out to you.”
The Heart: “I’m all ears.”
Me: “For now on, for all the things I’m going to do, I will ask you first, before The Brain, and you will answer me.”
The Heart: “Easy. That’s it?”
Me: “No. There’s one more thing. Go work things out with The Brain.”
The Heart: “Consider it done. But I also have something to tell you, if you care…”
Me: “Spit it out, man. I’m all care as Kids’ Day Care”
The Heart: “Ignoring The Brain is not a sin. If I tell you to, you must believe me.”
Me: “Ok, I will believe you from now on.”
The Heart: “Hand Shake?”
Me: “Hand Shake.”
The Heart: “Fist bump?”
Me: “No, don’t fist bump me.”
The Heart: “Man..”
Me: “Joking. Go on fist bump me”
The Heart: “Fist bump. Wait, put a Weezer's 'Why Bother?' up for me please and play it through the end of Pinkerton, stressing point on 'Falling For You'
Me: “Yeah, why not.”